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Viral Speak 04-22-2004
You would think this was some sort of monthl letters column or something. Damn I'm lazy!
Philip is listening to:  Some random Game Boy music. Stuff from Top Gear Pocket 2, Survival Kids, Metal Gear Solid GBC, Metroid 2, Metroid Fusion, etc. I should tape some more of this stuff. It's good. Ah. Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. The music was actually decent. Oh, remember James Bond 007 for the Game Boy? That was good. And KLAX for GBC.

I'm pissed about the "How Pokemon....." MST. The dude that wrote that essay needs help.
Philip: Well, I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions in the USA. Kind of sad really, we should be more like Canada. Where if you speak your mind, they drag you behind their horses.
do game boy advanced or SP games work on the old game boy color? - googoogirl18293
Philip: Nope! They won't even fit. However, the Game Boy Advance SP can play all licensed Game Boy Color games as well as the original Game Boy games.
Heheh. IGN just put up a story about that list of Famicom Mini games. Just another episode of "DMG Ice: Tomorrow's IGN news, TODAY!" - TK421
Philip: Hear that squish noise? It's the plot.... THICKENING.
You know, the only bad thing about the Famicom Mini series is that we won't get any of the more interesting ones over here. We'll get Dr. Mario, Ballon Fight, etc., but we won't get Twinbee or Ganbare Goemon. That's kinda sad, really... - ersgameboy
Philip: A real shame actually. Personally, I would like it if we got some NES Classics that WEREN'T released in Japan, like The Uninvited
The NES Classics lineup is a great idea in theory, but so far NOA has done terrible in practice. The packaging is nothing special; it just looks like a standard GBA box as opposed to Japan, where they went so far as to put a miniature replica of the original box INSIDE the already Famicom-ish GBA box.
Plus, twenty bucks? For DONKEY KONG? Hey, I enjoy the game as much as the next guy, but for three bucks, I could go out and buy a pack of e-reader cards containing the same game. Or I could just download it from Animal Crossing.
If Nintendo is gonna stick us with the lackluster packaging, they could have at least brought the price down five or ten bucks (or is it just NCL pulling their strings?) or put several games onto one cart.
I'll probably buy Zelda, just cause it's Zelda. I may buy Super Mario Bros. But that's probably it. - Josh
Philip: I will buy them all; because the rumble right now is that when the second wave of them hits in the Fourth Quarter... they'll be discontinued. This means, that the NES Classic series will be limited like the Famicom Classic series is.
I've gotta agree on the NGage v2 standing a chance thing. Nokia's not stupid, just ignorant. If they sucessfully hybridize video games and cell phones, the results could be revolutionary.
...but first they have to make the games and system not suck. - Cheeba_puff
Philip: Yeah, I think the QD has potential now. Just a little.

I've started another MST. have you?
you've been promising one for quite some time now. - Darkman
Philip: Expect one really soon actually. :-)

How much longer does a person have to wait? ^.-  - Boots
Philip: Sometimes, I wish I knew.
hey its been a while since i visited just wondering if adrock is still a member of the crew... hey know of any good games email me at the -richard T.
Philip: Actually, he is. Expect some new stuff from him soon. Our staff reads like this: Philip, Adrock, Hbomb, Duke, and M3wthr33. Yeah. I haven't seen Infinity Yak in a while and Jazz retired. Hbomb has his own staff at Snowflake Studios as well.
I don't know about you, but the second I saw the NES-style GBA SP was coming to North America I started thinking of plans to sell my old one to my friend at twenty bucks less than new. 
I think I may be evil. But, for a good cause...?

*Editor's Note: I combined two of TK421's posts. The bit above this note and the bit below it.*

I know this is kind of misdirected, but bear with me.
Some people just don't get it. HBomb, if you know you can get all these games elsewhere, why don't you just go do it? Nintendo made them available to you, and you said yourself that you got them for practically nothing - great! I myself also will not be purchasing most of the NES collector's series for GBA because, like you, I already have these games on Animal Crossing or the Zelda collection or whatever. 
But hey, maybe I just want Donkey Kong, and I don't have an e-reader and I don't want to buy Animal Crossing (or DK64) or any other games. In which case this is probably the cheapest way to go. 
Even so, that's not why Nintendo is doing it. This series is about nostalgia. If I want to go out and experience buying THAT GAME, pulling it out of the original box, and shoving the cartridge into my system for the first time, then this is the way to go. Pretty much the only way to go, actually, since these games cannot be bought in this way anymore. And I may or may not be willing to pay $20 for it, but everything from the box art to the grey cartridges is geared toward the nostalgia buff. 

Lots of people won't be down with that, and that's cool - if you just want to have a copy of the game somewhere that you can play, go and find one. There's lots of cheap ones; heck, go download an emulator. This isn't about getting all the old games you can for the least money. It's an experience - and a status symbol. A thousand dollar used car can get you from A to B very comfortably, but you know, a little extra money can get you something special. One that the Japanese sales numbers seem to say that a lot of people are looking for. 
And come on. Improvements? Blasphemy! They save your high scores, don't they?
Wait, they do, right? *goes to check...* - TK421
Philip: Also, there are people like me who collect video games. So, I'll be buying them all. Including that SWEET SWEET NES Classic GBA SP.
Where is every 1? Teh damn site is screwy! - Teh Mastuh of Disastuh
Philip: Running away from you! GAH!

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