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Viral Speak 03/19/2005
Even shorter. o_O
Philip is listening to:  Stuff! Woo!

Badger? - Goomba #986
Philip: Badger? Badger! BAAAAADGER!!
Sorry, my soul was already sold by my friend Joe, who used it to purchase some VR Troopers figures... the idiot. Yeah, thanks for damning me to walk the earth for all eternity just for some stupid toys based on a stupid TV series! Oy. - Josh Nickerson
Philip: Who do you think sold Joe the VR Trooper toys? Bwa ha ha ha ha! Well, eBay it is!
See, I'm starting to get the impression that you say a lot of things tongue-in-cheek without seeming to realize that many of us have no way to catch it. I'm starting to wonder how much misinformation I may have absorbed directly from your front page...
Of course, much as I like the show (I have two dvd volumes so far), there is very little universality to ATHF. The comedy is often dark, stupid, slow to get into and always deeply, deeply rooted in absurdity. 
So, how many more Foreigner songs do you actually know of, then? You're fast running out of titles as far as the second Mooninites episode goes. I only remember Hot-Blooded (if that's even the title of the song) and Head Games. Ooh, Head Games! How topical. ^_^ - TK421
Philip: Well, Foreigner has a TON of songs, because they ROCK! Woo!
PSP is the best. Youll see! THE DS IS DEAD!!!!!! -PSP-Pod
Philip: And there we have the bulk of a lot of recent Viral Speak submissions. There are other ones, but most of them are really stupid.
Quit tossing me. - Hbomb
Philip: Whatever do you mean? *kicks the Hbomb*
You working the graveyard shift makes me want to eat zombie brains...
quite know.
(it musta sounded better in my head) - Sarah
Philip: Yup. RAWR! I'LL EAT YOUR BRAINS, SARAH! RAWR! Or something like that. You know.. deleting a couple dozen of those dumb PSP thingies kinda slimmed this Viral Speak down by a lot. Wow. Never underestimate the power of STUPID I guess.
Speaking of the power of stupid: Check out this neat thing from my former job!
They are stupid heads!

Aftercourse: More ogling of Shantae!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
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