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Viral Speak 03/04/2005
We are here again.... short this one..
Philip is listening to:  Revolutionary Girl Utena the TV series. YAY!

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Philip: Well, I don't have much to sell. Oh.. wait... Here you go! *hands you the soul of Josh Nickerson*
Will you miss me? - DMG Files
Philip: Not if you hold still for a couple seconds....!@OMGYES - fpbrush
Philip: We make people Viriigasm!
Lazy! - animeforever
Philip: Daaaaamn straight.
Aww, man! You ruined my subversive knowledgeability points by revealing that all those titles were Foreigner references. I was very pleased in my own little world, assuming I was the only one who knew. 
Sure, sure, being in on the joke. Of course. Yet, why is that subversive, you ask? Well, because I only knew it because of a certain hilarious Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode, and I seem to recall you mentioning recently that you didn't like that show. So you see I got the joke of your website through means which were subversive to the author of the website. Now my happy little kingdom has come crashing down and it's ALL OVER. CRAP!
I guess I could've just said 'Grr!' and been done with it, but hey. I like to analyze. ^_^ - TK421
Philip: I don't know why people think I don't like ATHF. o_O When I called it a show of mass suck, I was being tongue in cheek. :-P I mean, it's terrible. Just like all of Adult Swim! Why on Earth would you watch that horrible rot! Actually, my favorite episode of ATHF is "Supermodel." I just like seeing Meatwad take advantage of shake.
Please tell me you're kidding about Sealab 2021 and ATHF being mass suck. Even the Brak Show is funny! - Sarah
Philip: It's just plain awful stuff. I mean, why would anyone watch ROBOT CHICKEN? Oh, the terror!
Sock Monkey Sits There Silently Thinking Sock Monkey Thoughts.
Respect= "0"
I liked the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. - Darkman
Philip: Really? I thought it was MASS SUCKAGE as well. I mean, why the heck would anyone want to have all of the Mega Man games in one conveniently sexy package? lol!
I WANNA MY BAND BROTHERS... Any Idea when It Will be Released? - I?Neo
Philip: Sooner than we think and later than we wish.
man, seven years!  wow!  good job guys.  this was possibly the  first site i ever started visiting on a regular basis back in jr. high--now im in college, still reading.  i have very wonderful memories of sifting through all the pictures of different gameboys from around the world, telling myself that i too, would someday own all of them.  of course i didn't but still :)  anyways, cheers to another seven years! - fpbrush
Philip: I know. O_O We OLD.

Aftercourse: Weekly ogling of Shantae!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Support Wayforward or DIE.
Oh Shantae... umm.. she's hot for an animated chick.But S.T. is hotter!