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Viral Speak 02/25/2005
We are here again!
Philip is listening to:  Minish Cap!

First, correcting TK421's post, Jennifer Garner is not married. She divorced Scott Foley a couple years ago. Now she's dating that weasel Ben Affleck.
*sets Ben Affleck on fire*
As for retro gaming, I still say the 16-bit era was the golden age. I still have the bulk of my SNES collection, and I enjoy dusting it off every now and then.
Hmm... maybe we should have a retro board on the forums. - Hbomb
Philip: Ben Aflac? If I had my way.. I could keep my SNES stuff on display or something and just play all my old SNES games on my GBA or DS. Everyday that Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 6, and such are not on the DS or the GBA is a day that has been sadly wasted by SquareEnix.
Ashley's Song, and to a lesser extent, Mike's song, are the most awesome Wario-based ANYTHINGS EVER.
"I know! I'll build a karaoke robot to do my cleaning!"
"She could rule the world, and still finish all her homework
'Cause everyone knows I'm the greatest - ASHLEY!
You better watch your step or she'll cast a spell on you
I turned my teacher into a spoon!" - Ian, Just Ian
Philip: Ashley called, you're the new ingredient. Sorry.
My message:
Could you maybe, like, totally change the paraphrase (not sure what paraphrase means and I'm too lazy to try to figure it out) : "Do you agree to sell your soul to us and..." after I'm done with the detailing information in the forum-registration. I want that changed so I'm not gambling my afterlife to some guys who could be anyone (anything, gulp!).
Propoganda: You can't go wrong with milk. The white stuff.
Denial: Coca-Cola and Sony has lousy marketing-departments. They suck. - JAmon/stevie sexpump/X-ID
Philip: hehehe Don't worry. We don't sell souls on the internet. We aren't Apple.
I've got two mics on my head and you're singing to me!
Doncha wanna, doncha wanna, doncha wanna karaoke? - Mike the Karaoke Robot
Philip: Oh, go dust something.
Philip, Philip, Philip, 
Craig Harris said, "Don't expect a localized version of Another Code until after E3...if at all."
Philip, please make the bad man GO AWAY!! - TK421
Philip: Well, I would say that you could expect it sometime this Fall. I mean, that's IGN.. they're not... Nintendo fans.. they're a lot like Nintendojo.. except there are a few people at the "dojo" who still like Nintendo. o_O
how much canadain and where can i get it - visator
Philip: Well, I would say an electronic store and for a bit more than the US MSRP.
I'm going to make a Wikipedia entry about DMG Ice. Y'know, 'cause you haven't made it big until Wikipedia has something about you. Or something. :) - toilet duck
Philip: Well, cool. Thank you. ^_^
Weird - The_Runner
Philip: Yeah. They grew that way.
My message:
I love your website and your highly frequent updating, now that doesn't do news anymore. I do wonder if this Sarah-gal is pretty (please don't post any pics of her, as I want to preserve the image of a sexy Jennifer Garner look-a-like with glasses or someone closest to remind me about Narusegawa Naru from Love Hina in this real world)
I love GBA SP as it provides me with retro gaming, such as Kid Icarus (Famicom mini), and new and original games, such as Denki Blocks and Go!Go!Beckham and new games of existing franchises, such as Metroid Fusion.
Playstations don't have great games. Microsoft don't know how to promote it's console. They are both craps. The former doesn't breakdown easily. The latter breaks a lot easier. - JAmon/Stevie sexpump/my secret ID is secret
Philip: I like updating too. O_O Sarah is indeed hot. I have seen what she looks like in real life. I think she's better looking that Jennier Garner and as for being a bit like Naru from Love Hina. *checks* Well.. with or without her glasses.. I think she'd be closer to Belldandy from Oh My Goddess.
Jesus 7 years of looting. What's next, Philip?
*has been here for 5 years* o.o - Sarah
Philip: Well, probably seven years of pillaging. Arr!!

Aftercourse: Pounce Shantae!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Support Wayforward or DIE.
She's FEROCIOUS!But S.T. is hotter!