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Viral Speak 02/18/2005
We all live in some sort of paradigm shift where all is good? Maybe that is so. I mean.. we're UPDATING! UPDATING!
Philip is listening to:  A bunch of random stuff on his iPod... okay.. just the soundtrack to Final Fantasy 6.

You know what? When I read HBomb's latest column he discussed his new love affair with the 64-bit age, which could be described as my personal golden age of gaming - and I really wanted to discuss it with him and others like him. The fact that this site has content again makes me wish you still had a forum. That is, one that wasn't devoid of human life and which wasn't a wretched hive of ads and villainy like ezboard. I don't suppose there's any plans?
PS - He does know that Jennifer Garner is married, right? - TK421
Philip: Well, the forums.. click on them.. I'm working on it. The final idea is to get it up and working well again.
For those of you who are following the emulation scene, there is at last, a commercial pc "emulator" (virtualization being the more accurate term) that can emulate 3D acceleration.  VMware Workstation 5 RC1 is experimenting with Direct3D support, so that virtual machines running Windows 2000 and XP can use 3D (to a small extent).
If VMware decides to add that support to their next version of Workstation, then they have set a precedence that other companies will have to follow (otherwise, they'll get their @$$e$ handed to them *cough* Microsoft *cough*).  Hopefully, any other PC emulator that comes out will then start sporting 3D support (only the most basic of course). -th2
Philip: Should be interesting to see how that works. It would remove any advantage to owning a PC with Windows altogether.
Hey Philip, did you ever decide wether or not Evanescence is a 'christian' band. I hear they want to be on the Narnia soundtrack. - Jazz
Philip: Well, they started in the Christian music genre. I think that's where they belong myself. That movie better not suck. If it does... there shall be BLOOD SPILT in Hollywood.
Ill See you on E3.
I wanna Squishy for Lunch. - Imakuni? Neo
Philip: Naw. Squishy would most likely eat EVERYONE.
The DS is absulotely stupid. TWO SCREENS? NOT INNOVATIVE AND IT JUST SUX! - ForeignAlliances
Philip: Well, that's your opinon, I suppose. Oh, go sit on a PSP.
Man this fuzz is bringing back memories, I havent been here in like 2 years probably.. Can't find any of my old Viral Speaks either, but hey, its cool to see that the site is still going..
"Oh, Fable for the XBox is apparently beatable in 9 hours. About 22 to 24 hours if you do all the side-quests in the game. That said, I have clocked more time than 9 hours into Mega Man & Bass. I know I've clocked more than 40 hours into Mario Golf Advance Tour. That says something about console games. Maybe they do not have as much GAME as they used to. I know I have clocked in somewhere around 100+ on Pokemon Ruby. That says something. Wonder what it is? Hint: Portable Gamers get more play for less cash. We are pimping."
Yeah, I speed beat Fable in about 5 hours, then completed it in like 16-17, but my Advance Wars 2 is still sucking in the hours, and before I stopped playing it I had close to 70 on FF Tactics: Advance.
Not that its bad to get more game for less, but its getting bad to be less game for more. I find myself now only wanting to spend money on something I KNOW I'm going to get a lot of fun out of.
I'm lusting after Halo 2, Metroid Prime 2 and the next Zelda. Can't you see I'm all a-quiver? - Blowtorch
Philip: We're large and in charge to the end! We will outlive everyone. It is our destiny. Hell, we're older than IGN and way more alive than Nintendojo. Yeah, this was an old and unposted Viral Speak.. but it was too good to leave unposted!
No column this week! Too much schoolwork. Bite me! and enjoy it! - Sarah
Philip: I don't have an excuse for not having my column out on time.. maybe? hehe
Could you please pass the Nickerson? - Hbomb, Weapon of Mass Hilarity and Comic God
Philip: Personally, I was too busy with selfishly finishing this side course of Stefanuik to be bothered with YOUR needs, Hbomb!
Webcam's rule. Especially when U have a Ping-pong table right next to ur computer. And Ur Older sister comes, half awake. the 3 simple steps:
1. Press "Record"
2. Slam her into the table
3. Create an action replay the moment she hits the table.
Webcam video's are cool. They give me hillarious ideas... - Shwaa Unfound Unfound - from the Gold x Calibur
Philip: You know? Sometimes.. my readers are so creative. It fills me with joy!

Aftercourse: The Force is strong with Shantae!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Support Wayforward or DIE.
Shantae is the star of a game that eveyone should own and any company that would not publish the GBA version is stupid indeed.. But S.T. is hotter!