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Viral Speak 02-18-2003
And.. a guest..

Philip is listening to: The Albums "Vitamin C" and "More" by Vitamin C.


Teh N3W M37R01D M4N94 OWNz!!! Tis is stoopudity at it's worst!!!! ^_^ Love teh site - Zomboi
Philip: Samus is Cute.
Sailor Mercury: Samus is Tima.
*is so darn tired from working, but is glad she's able to work again* - Enico
Philip: You good parent.
I think gameboy should be the only game system around. The hell with PS2 and Gamecube. Besides, Kirby doesn't like gives him cramps. - Shizzle-Kins
Philip: Well. That sucks.
I just want MxPxKid to know that MxPx would be very embarrassed to know they have a fan like it.
Hey, I like MxPx, I don't care if they're punk or what. I've had the sort of life where I can understand what they're talking about.
Oh, well, like 'em or hate 'em, they've sunken to near-obscurity anyway. - AnotherLoser
Philip: What? Oh, them.
Just curious, can punk rock sing about love, not excessivly, like stupid emo blink 182, but at all? cuz i meade up a cool song thats SORT OF centers around love, but its more a funny song than romantic.
teenage politics is a good one.
Listen to Lower Class Brats. - MxPx Kid
Philip: Only if HONEST.
Sailor Mercury: And not lame.
oooo. the MSTacre. sounds evil. does my new one get to be inthere? or did it make the cut? just wondering. WEEEE! i guess thats it. just to clarify, im not a pokemon lover. i was done with that when i was 11. no offense, of course. i like rpg's better. OOO!! WRITE SOME JUNK ABOUT THE NEW GOLDEN SUN!! i must know! - Darkman
Philip: Every one DIES.
Sailor Mercury: The dog too.
In lieu of everything.
This prevails.
Then why didn't prevail over you're tiredness? - Shady
Philip: Strong. Tired is.
I hate Valentine's Day. It's just an excuse for retailers, candy makers, card companies, and florists to make an extra buck, and an extra chance for all the happy couples to point out how miserable the single people are. Holidays are not supposed to make people feel awful about themselves.
But on the bright side, Valentine's Day is only 2 weeks before my birthday!! - HBomb
Philip: Chocolate Prostitution rules.
Sailor Mercury: Studying is better.
I DONT CARE!! BRING EM ON! ILL MANGLE EM. those collective heads of knuckle (ha i love that one) cant beat me in an insult contest. thats like trying to race a cheetah. ive made a kid cry before by makin fun of him. ive scraed a kid so much with insults, hes afraid to walk down the section of hall i hang out in because hes afraid i will make fun of him again. so take a seat, and let the sparks fly! you can only make popcorn if i get some. i like shovels, but shotguns are my fancy. o and words, words are good. good. bacon is good, make sure to get some of that. i guess thats it. and aipom in space, we start with you. youre so stupid. were done talking about punk music for now, so go wack off to pictures of your gameboy. no off. to gameboys, i like them, just he does more, and in a very wrong way... - MxPx Kid
Philip: Arrogance invites defeat.
Sailor Mercury: That is true.
heh, I knew that Dell Dude was a stoner. :p
''Dude, you're gettin' a record!'' - Strider Hiryu
Philip: Waste makes wasted.
Hey Philip... stop feeding the troll. MxPx Kid claims that punk music is all about the TOPICS and the ISSUES as much the style, but he also preaches (excuse the pun) up and down that he listens to MxPx (a band singing primarily of the message of having a christan life) even though he's such a die-hard athiest. How can he be so focused on their topics and issues then? hmm? If what he says is true, then he can't truly relate to 99% of thier music. You don't have to contradict him. He does it himself. - Jazz
Philip: Good point, Jazz.
Ok, MxPx man, I knew you were an ignorant little one, but you don't have to go lashing out on peoples. In fact, lashing out on people isn't punk. It's sXe. Hehehe.... But reallt, you're just defending what you WANT to be true, and the fact that you must realize is that you are wrong. Someday you'll realize. That's why I suggest seeing SLC Punk, it made me realize a lot of things.
What I meant by denominations is people with different opinions. 2 main ones: Punk and Poser. From poser there are emo kids, wannabe punks, and goths; from Punks there are hardcore, grindcore, Punk at heart, and a bunch of others. You might not notice it, but even kids at the punkrock shows are split up amongt each other. The only place of true unity is in the pit.
Ok, I'm sick of this argument, now, let us dance.
Philip, why does Capcom VS Snk 2 EO dissapoint me so? Hehe! That rhymes! - Aipom is angry
Philip: Lag. Now DANCE.
Sailor Mercury: Watch Fight Club.
I don't like piracy. It makes recordmakers make bad music. AvrilLavigne, BritneySpears, you name it and you got it. I like quality music; Bjork. Specificilly her Debut-album. It is wicked. Kind of psychedelic, but I like it anyways. I don't think I have anymore propoganda to share. I find your SukiNihon very informative. I like PokeMon-series and movies, but I do not like the games. Yes, I am weak, but yet I am not. Now I will proceed to the final stage of infecting You. Bye-bye for
now and may me meet again... - heatjoam
Philip: Bjork tastes good.
Sailor Mercury: Please ignore Philip.
Enough talk of punk!  
Now, we POLKA! - CX (Ooom-pah, oom-pah, baby.)
Philip: Yes. We shall!
Sailor Mercury: No. I quit.

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