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Viral Speak 02-12-2003
For all those times you looked at me and beat me with that garden hose. It's no big thing.

Philip is listening to: "Supertones Strike Back" By The O.C. Supertones.

What? I like them. Are they really Ska? Probably not; but I don't mind.

Because I have two disc drives, I'm also listening to another CD.

"Twilight" By BoA.YAY!

sigh. im tired of this. you can think in your own little world. ill agree with you on somethings.Punk rock was pretty awesome in the 70's and 80's, which is hard to say for me because i hate almost all music before my time. the bands of yesterday did send messages that people disliked, and as a result, were disrespected, hence the name, punk rock. and thers prolly one more, but i can tthink of it right now. but i have some good points too. PUNK IS NOT DEAD. its only changed. the reason why punk rock was always about issues and stuff was because, that what was going on in the world, like rock the cazbah, by the clash. but the general message is still the same. the whole point behind punk rock is to say, the world is stupid, listen to us, cuz everything else sucks. and thats the way it is. punk also hasnt softened out as much as you think. maybe its cuz youre only focusing on shit like sums and blink. take a good hard look at bands like the misfits, the varukers, and of course, lower class brats. theyre music is still pretty loud and obnoxious. o yea, and when you were anti punking MxPx cuz they were christain, you gotta admit that was kinda hitlerish. things well never agree on: MxPx is an awesome punk band. REM is not only un punk, but they flat out suck. and the moon IS made of cheese. so dont diss me, dont contradict me, cuz im done with this, cuz im gettin no support from other lamebrains who read this. i like you ok, but some of your other readers are extremely retarded in the head. so i guess thats it. thanx for some fun. PUNK ROCKS!!!
(and so does MxPx)
Wahahaha! - MxPx Kid
Philip: Well, I'm from a different generation of music than you, so of course our opinions differ. I said that the concept of Christian Punk is an oxymoron. It's not impossible. Punk is not dead and the local scene proves it. It was fun, and I only pick on people because I find it entertaining and I'm glad you can be a good sport about it. One of my favorite bosses where I work would pick on me all the time. I would pick on him. It's great because the insults got really vulgar and some of the other crew got offended by my insulting him; but he took it all in stride and dished it back. Which was great. Anyhow, one of the articles I linked mentioned that Punk music changed. In someways, I'm a little anti-change at times. MxPx caught my eye years ago and it only got better until "Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo"; which was a bit ironic of a title. The Ever Passing Moment left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth and the Ren one -while a little better- feels to me like they lost direction. They have a new album coming out and they sounded good in the Super Bowl commercial, so they may redeem themselves in my eyes yet. Oh, for future reference, I'm not a National Socialist. I'm a Federalist with Communist leanings. ^_^ I'm a damn Whigging Pinko Pig-Dog Yankee. But I'm nice.
I seriously think N-Gage will be like the handheld X-Box. People will be intrested at first by one or two games, but then it'll crap out to the power of the GameBoy.
Although, I'm not getting either of them. My income is very little, so I can either choose new Excel Saga/Love Hina, or the GBA SP to replace my old GBA, which is working just fine... - Duke
Philip: Notice how they haven't said how many BITS it is? For the record, the XBox is 32-Bit. Hmm, Having seen all of Love Hina and all of Excel Saga, I would say that with the fact that the GBA SP comes out soon.. as does Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.. if you are jobless.. it sucks to be you.
There are all of a sudden a lot of people getting angry over punk music classifications....
strange.... - clarynet
Philip: At my favorite record/book/movie store, they file all Punk albums under Rock.
Wow.  I fail to stop by for awhile, and there are like 50 million new VS'!  Nice.  Hey, I was scared off my ass last night, with that talk of chemical warfare, or a nuclear attack on the White House.  I live in Arizona, and we have Ratheon here.  I'm sure that we are going to be a target for an attack eventually.  Ugh.  Give peace a chance people... - Cyberxion
Philip: I live in a ten mile radius of the home of the B-2. We have Space Shuttles land here. We even have planes I've seen while driving to work early in the morning that I can't even begin to describe to you because they are so freaking weird. I live next to a target. I want to see us use these things on Iraq. I mean, we have planes that are both stealth, roundish, take off and hover straight UP. I just want to know what they ARE. Oh, the B-2 runs on water. I wish my car did that.
I personally think this whole punk debate is hilarious. - Shady
Philip: It is. I rather enjoyed it.
AC/DC... Hah, you just keep contradicting yourself don't you?
Hey everyone, if you want a REAL punch in the face about punk, go watch the movie "SLC Punk" it, in ways changed my life in one way or another. IT says a lot of relevant things that could probably clear up a lot of the arguments made here. 
Also, I'd like to point out that there is no ONE TRUE PUNK like some kind of religion. It's what YOU, YOURSELF make of it. You don't even have to listen to "punk" music to be a punk. I listen to 90% ska, and I'm not two-tone ska core, all my friends still think I'm a punk. It's not the music you listen to or the people who you model yourself after becasue you think you can be all rebellious and noncomformist by comforming to a certain style.
Oh, for another very good perspective of the punk scene,
A lot of opinions might contradict yours, but hey, part of being a punk (to me) is being able to accept different opinions. Valid opinons. MxPx kid, lemme ask you, do you think you're punk? I never wanted to be a punk but since I wore a few studs and spikes around my wrists and challenged the Catholic authoriy at my last school, SOMEHOW people thought I was punk. Punk isn't a name you give yourself, it's something you earn. - Aipom in SPAAACE!
Philip: Great. Now there are denominations of Punk. Holy War! Oh, nothing wrong with AC/DC. I like them. Oh, that comic is funny. And I'll admit that I look (with my glasses on) like someone from an EMO band; but I have had many girlfriends and my sideburns are real. So, I can't be true Emo... even if I actually wanted to. O_O Oh, I love this one .
"affect" (verb) - to change, as in: "Viral Speak affects my brain"
"effect" (verb) - to cause, as in: "Viral Speak effects a change in my brain"
effect (noun) - a change, as in: "Viral Speak had an effect on my brain" - TK421
Philip: Been nice effecting you.
You know what?
For years and years, people have been saying punk is dead.
And for years and years, the true punks (not the posers) have failed to care. Guess what? Punk lives on.
And yes, punk is more 'wake the [bleep] (freakin' Wal-Mart edit!) up!' rather than 'go beat your meat'.
Personally, I don't care what type of music a band is supposed to be, if it's good, I listen to it. But really, don't we have funnier and possably less flame-causing topics to babble about?
(Answer: No) - AnotherLoser
Philip: Punk is dead and I killed it. With a shovel. Whack Whack. Right on it's neck. Oh, wait.. that was Chandra Levy. My bad.
I know nothing about messages in songs, oh well, time to listen to System of a Down. - Jodas
Philip: I have no idea where to begin with that comment. Um. I like the fishy flavor.
The N-Gage has lots of buttons. What's N-Gage mean anyway? I bet a bunch of people will just pronounce it "en-gag" or something. How dumb. I think I'll buy Survival Kids and try it. Okay. - George the Gerbil
Philip: Survival Kids is better than Ico. Silly GIA just didn't KNOW.
Porygon only knows Growl - Porygon
Philip: Well, use what you got, Pory-Baby!
Is it just me, or is the virii staring at me on the porch outside behind me? - Strider Hiryu
Philip: No. It's recording you, not staring.
to all who were jerks to me: ersgamer, you suck, long and hard. punk rocker aipom, thats a dumb name. youre retarded, and presumably gay.narasuma diortem, screw punk? SCREW YOU! you little anime loser! all these people officially suck, and i have shunned them for eternity. HAHA! i feel better. thanx again. - MxPx Kid
Philip: Here's a shovel. You can use it to either dig a hole, beat a dead horse, or you can use it to defend yourself from the inevitable flogging that you're inviting. I on the other hand, will just sit back and watch it all play. Should I make PopCorn?

Shantae will be my resolution!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
Shantae is the laughter in the rain.
I'm not singing for the future.
I'm not dreaming of the past.
I'm not talking of the first time.
I never think about the last.