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Viral Speak 02-11-2003
Foy Save The Queen.

Philip is listening to: "The Final Fantasy X US OST" by Nobuo Uematsu. He's soooo punk.  That aside, "Besaid" is a really nice tune. X-2 should be interesting.

Oh, yeah, there's a little more of that topic in today's Viral Speak. Personally, I'm enjoying it wholeheartedly. Mainly, because I enjoy pissing people off. I think I can best describe what I think of the whole modern Emo/Pop-Punk/Power Pop/Nu Punk wave of music in one fell swoop.

Here it is .

For more like that, go to Snowflake Studios .

I can't believe my daughter's going to be 3 already on Valentine's Day! - enico
Philip: Cool! I know this one girl where I work who's daughter was born on July 4th.
damn kids....punk rocks not a political issue...bite my ass, you loser. dont care about MxPx, but dont get into punk music, youre diggin a grave there, kid. so forget it. go take youre political punk crap somehwere else. and dont speak of it unless you noe what youre sayin... - punkrocker712
Philip: Punk in the 1970's used political and social issues to shock, offend, and generally bring to light a lot of important topics of the time. It was born as an "Anti-Hippie" movement. When all the world was apathic, Punk music shocked people into awareness through creativity and thoughtful lyrics, that were put in a loud way. It was never "f*ck off", it was "wake the f*ck up". Here is an essay supporting my thoughts on the subject. It's also a good explanation of why modern "punk" music isn't really punk music. Just Power Pop that is in a "punk" guise. Yes, I know what I'm saying. That's why I back it up.
wtf is the matter with you? YOURE SUCH A FREAKIN NERD! youre makin music sound like a damn world issue. if a punk band read all the crap you continue posting, theyd probably kick you in your (nonexistent) nuts, and play real loud in your ear! sure, these people are trying to send a message, and ts F**K OFF!! not, lets build a bridge to anarchy! while were at it, lets get some strawberry sherbert and discuss global issues! and SO WHAT if MxPx sings about girls and relationsips! What are you gay? youre afraid of girls, or something, or have you just not heard any of their music? the entire thing isnt, we feel in love made out, and lived happily ever after, its about funny mishaps of relationships, such as trying to make an excuse for never making it to a girlfriends date. AND SO WHAT IF THEIR CHRISTIAN!! IM AN ATHIEST AND I LISTEN TO THEM! WHO ARE YOU,  HITLER!? besides, you geek, theyre not just a christian band, THEYRE MxPx!!! you got that geek? and for the hole global issue about punk rock, my friend young punx, a TRUE punk rocker, walkin around decked in his jean jacket covered in studs and patches stating, PUNK IS NOT DEAD, clearly got the point across. its a way of life. ya got that? now go little geek, go run along and play with youre pokeymans, the real punks are having a conversation.
By the by, Ramones suck! ya want a real band? go listen to AC/DC! - MxPx Kid
Philip: Case in point, this is an example of what is commonly known as a person who doesn't back up what they say. This specimen believes that clothes indeed make someone something else. He also believes that just because I don't think MxPx is punk anymore, I'm somehow Hitler. Music is a universal issue as it affects and effects our daily lives. For better or for worse, it's an issue and it deals with issues. Oh, a jean jacket with studs and patches doesn't make you Punk. It makes you COUNTRY. If he really wanted to shock and offend people, he'd go to school in stillettos and fishnet. That would show them. But then again, he may be too much of a Pop loving CONFORMIST to do that. Oh, we want pictures too. ha ha.
All I would like to say is that I own Rancid's entire discography, the Clash's entire discography, 6 Bad Religion albums, 7 Ramones albums, 3 Social Distortion albums, "Never Mind The Bullocks," and a number of other punk albums (including an MXPX album). I also own R.E.M.'s entire discography. Believe me when I say that I know what true "punk" is, (hint: it has far more to do with attitude than sound), and that R.E.M. is truly far more punk than MXPX. On a different note, I own every portable system ever released in America, and the GBA owns them all. I'm just hoping for a ChronoTrigger re-release though. - ersgameboy
Philip: I had a copy of Pokinatcha and Teenage Politics; but then I discovered audio piracy, sold the albums and bought a Napster T-Shirt. Now, I wave my KaZaA flag proudly! Viva La Piracy! Shawn Fenning changed my life. Also, it let me spread local music around the net. Bands like I Share The Dream, and Phidget.
they sing loud, fast, and dont care what people think of em, or listen to what theyre told to do. MxPx Kid said this. So wait, if I sing the PokéRAP at about... say... 180bpm, in full voice, would that make me punk? NO! I agree w/ Philip, punk is something protesting or at least is very pissed off (Nirvana, while 'grunge' is also one of the first 'punk' bands of the '90s... IMO)
And Philip, I don't mean to be rude, but how did this diverge into such a crappy debate? I mean, to back up groups like New Found Glory, Good Charolette, etc., who are as processed as can be? Those people need to be shot, but how did this come from Game Boy? I mean, was it SongPro? I knew Nelly was a bad idea!
Screw punk. Let's all listen to my playlist. Game music (about 1/5 is SSBM), classics (Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel, Beatles... they're all classics in one way or another), and vocal stuff (King's Singers mostly) with a few add-ins (Fish heads, some BBVD, and "Do the Mario!" from the old cartoon)...
btw, I'd like to buy the world some coke and let it OD itself to death...
 - Narasumas Diortem (formerly Super SaiyaMew)
Philip: If Punk is dead.. this topic may have killed it. Oh, well. I have some of the old cartoon Mario episodes on DVD.
I think the Nintendojo review of Daredevil was reviewed by blind people. They barely said anything about the game except that the super sence is cool and it's a standard beat 'em up. IGN actually did a much better job reviewing it.  - BrianC
Philip: I would think that exposure to the game would cause me to gouge out my eyes; but.. I dunno.. I'm pretty retaintative. he he he.
Your little link to the Avril Lavrine (I don't care if it's spelled right) article was so kick-ass! I seriously dislike Avril, even more so than BS! She just seems to be riding the new trend right now, set forth by that other horrible singer named Pink.
Of course, the article listed a good alternative. Michelle Branch. Now THERE is a good singer! She's not my favorite, but I can at least not be annoyed by any of her super-catchy songs.
The new TMNT series KICKS ASS! Bow down before the king of adolescant, mutated, ninjistsu reptiles!
You know, I retract that part of my last letter where I said Suki Nihon wasn't updated enough. It's the GBA Reviews that have been neglected! - Duke
Philip: Okay! You're welcome. Oh, new topic. GBA SP  VS N-Gage? Or what games are you looking forward too the most this year?

The aftermath of the aftercourse.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
Peace and lots of loving!
If you have not.. go ahead and check this out. This is the last time I link it, I swear.