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Viral Speak 02/10/2005
Welcome back! Woo! Quick and.. dirty! RAWR!
Philip is listening to:  Nothing! ^_^ Why? Quick!

You said(implied?) in your most recent Philip Rational that Metal Gear Ac!d won't sell in Japan because it's a FPS. Metal Gear Ac!d is a trading card game-style game, not a FPS. From what I've read, it sounds like a Metal Gear-styled PSO Episode III. - Bron Raven
Philip: I was stating that Coded Arms may not sell well in Japan.  Metal Gear Acid is more of a "tactical card game." It could sell well; but it currently is not selling as well as it could.
Philip: Just send everything to me in neat envelopes! Oh, use that new Reagan Stamp. ^_^
You know that little blue link after every piece of newsity where it asks "Top?" Well... Yes, please! - Sarah
Philip: You're welcome!
Hey Phil, I was wondering if you were a fellow patron of the Scribes column on Rare's website, and if therefore you were also freaking out about the fact they actually released a game based on the character of Mr. Pants. 
For those not in the know, Mr. Pants was an awfully drawn MS-Paint stick figure which Leigh Loveday (writer for Scribes/Ask Uncle Tusk) put up as a joke mascot for the throwaway Survey section of the site. However in the Scribes mail column itself the character of Mr. Pants grew into a real cult phenomenon, spawning countless RPAs (Rubbish Picture Attachments) and eventually a few simple, yet fully formed computer games made by fans.
Completely in the name of cool points and fanservice, Rare proceeded to put Mr. Pants cameos into their games; he appears on TV screens and paintings (notably in Banjo-Tooie for N64, and probably others)... in Jet Force Gemini (again N64) he appeared drawn on a darkened wall in one level, and there was even a secret unlockable to turn all the regular Drone enemies into Mr. Pants!! It was such beautiful madness!
So when it was announced that Rare were making an actual, entire Game Boy Advance entry with Mr. Pants as the headliner, fans such as myself were stricken into silent disbelief. It took a long time, but he's finally here!
To be fair, it's simply a puzzle game which could have had any mascot (originally it was Donkey Kong, before the whole Nintendo split), but just the fact that they really DID IT...
Soon I'll own my own copy, like a physical representation of my own freakish nerdhood. And I will rejoice. - TK421
Philip: Neat huh? I think the funny thing is that Rare has put way more games out on the GBA than they have on the Xbox since being bought by Microsoft.
Hope you had a good holiday. :) - E
Philip: Absolutley!
I've been messing around with PokeMon Fire Red, and I like it!  Graphics are a lot smoother than the original U.S. Red.  Hopefully, Nintendo will release an interesting PokeMon game for the DS!  That would be very sweet indeed!  :D
And for crying out loud!  When will they finally bring PokeMon onto the Internet?  *Sigh* - th2
Philip: Wait until you get a load of what they've got for you at E3. BWA HA HA HA HA! I mean.. uh uh. Sure would be nice...
RUB IS LOVE! - Beware the mohawk
Philip: I want a sequel to that game.........
Wario Ware Mega Micro Games is my anti-drug - Pogo
Philip: Buy the new one this Tuesday!
I smolder with generic rage. - The Prince of Persia
Philip: Really. They have pills for that. I'll do more next week! YAY! Short one. Live with it. ^_^

Aftercourse: Shantae is wants to be in a DS game!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
I wanna play Xtreme Sports with her!
Shantae would be awesome to rub. But S.T. is hotter!