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Viral Speak 02-09-2003
Something less familiar; but not so much the fate.

Philip is listening to: "The Very Best of.." - The Pogues.
Yes, they are an Irish band. An Irish PUNK band. Back when Punk was Punk. Yeah, more on that in this Viral Speak. Never meant it to be such a big thing. Oh, well. Anyhow, after this, anyone still bugging me about it can.. "Poguemahone." In short, if they've never played in Wakefield. They truly aren't Punk. It may be just a case of English/Irish classism here; but Punk usually is meant to make a statement. The idea behind Punk is to set out a political analysis that bridges toward anarchy. When I said that Punk Rock is an oxymoron, it is true because Rock is more akin to music made for the formulation of cash flow or the incitation of violence as shown in Mosh Pits or their ilk. The only real violence that should be equated with Punk is through being hurt either by protesters or those who have come into a concert for the sole purpose of political agenda. Meaning, that you have a band playing their music and talking about reform; but you have a Republican or other unsavory type of representative of the current ruling class appear and start trouble. If it breaks into a bar fight, it's a failure of proportions. Thanks in part to Weezer, there was a class of American Punk artists who deviated from speaking in political or social commentary to crooning on and on about small issues. Such as the Pop song favorite topic of heartbreak or a Capulet-ish class system. (Such as Avril Lavinge's "Sk8ter Boi" which demotes class segregation through unrealistic stereotyped  monikers; but really makes no further statement before dwindling down into an unredeemable bubblegum fantasy.)

EMO, if you will, is the juxputation of Bubblegum issues -such as love and relationships- into the sterotypical "Punk sound". It's this merging that sacrifices political debate for trivial meandering on girls or "bois" that makes EMO nothing like real Punk music. Also, the idea of a "Christian" Punk band is -in itsself- a blasphemy of both sides. True Punk music is both Humanist and lends toward Anarchist ideas. However, fabrication between records companies and the social status has lead to a breed of music that tends to say "Punk"= Bad Hair + "Wall of Sound" + Tattoos + Piercings. That's not true in the least. If Punk were such a material idea, everyone could be it. But it's the political drive that does it. It's social commentary on issues that matter. Just as Hip Hop and Rap are not the same. Hip Hop being more fun-based, and Rap having a legitimate message. If you really want to get me started, I can go on for hours on how Rap and Gangster Rap are not the same. Punk is a style of music with something to say. In that form Punk usually comments on how things really are and not how to change them. It's supposed to ensue debate on what must be done for a problem that has been given light. In that respect, blah, blah.  A band that spouts songs about heart break or Jesus is EMO. Sure they can do covers of The Ramones. So could Justin Timberlake; but that doesn't make him Punk. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE MxPx; but they are not PUNK. No, I consider them to be more rock/emo in style. They want to be Punk; but they aren't Punk.

Oh, and just because I feel like fanning some flames.. Avril Lavinge eats baby puppies .

I am also listening to "Texas is the Reason" by the Ramones. I suggest downloading "Hell's Ditch" by The Pogues.

Help me, I've been in home for six days straight! Are you... looking at me? STOP THAT! - TK421
Philip: We aren't.. stareing... really...
The Chu Chu mice are after me!!! - Shady
Philip: They just want to nibble. Chu Chu nibble. Yes.
i dont know wtf is a matter with you but its something big.  How can you  think MxPx isnt punk?  Do you even listen to punk rock?  If you did you would know that the angry voices with Irish or British accents arnt gone, try to listen to the varukers, oxymoron, lower class brats! Only gay emo bands are composed of whiny boys. and i dont consider them punk, punk isnt just music its an attitude and a way of life you have to live that life to be a TRUE punk. - young punx
Philip: Punk isn't about attitude, it's about IDEALS. Which appears to be lost concept on you.
who are you to define punk music? your obviously a very clouded person, sitting here, thinking stupid responses to all these letters. REM is not punk, there ALTERNATIVE, maybe ersgamer should get that through his thick head. second, MxPx is not a whiny boy band reject band. there true punk, they sing loud, fast, and dont care what people think of em, or listen to what theyre told to do. you cant just rule them out because there christian and sing about girls. your dumass anime music does that, just without rhyming, or making any sense for that matter. punk is not dead, and i believe AFI NOFX Rancid, Misfits, Less Than Jake, and Oxymoron, just to name a few, clearly show that. i love these bands, but MxPx is my favorite. so unless you can band together a bunch of your nerds and a stupid butterfly named FOY to convince me im wrong with a smart, and true, reason that MxPx aint punk, than i believe that ive got you beat. - MxPx Kid
Philip: If they don't care that I don't think they are punk. Why should you? But, seriously. Singing loud and fast doesn't make you punk. For that matter, the Spice Girls sing a few songs loud and fast, by your defination, wouldn't they be punk? Oh, that's sarcasm.
P.S. if you thought those bands were too hardcore and didnt quite fit with magnified plaid, then how about Greenday, all american rejects, newfoundglory, thursday, and uh, sublime? THERE! - MxPx kid
Philip snickers derisively. You just made my day with that post, now run along and play in your sandbox. The big kids are having a conversation.
*Just read the whole thing about MxPx*
Yknow what, MxPx is EMO. Half of their songs are about girls and relationships with girls. Punk is supposed to be POLITICAL. Or at least most of it. Today's punks are supposed to stand for change, like Anti-Flag, Thought Riot, Bad Religion. Change is key. Greg Graffin wrote an essay about the definition of punk... It is here,
Good essay, good guy.
Well, that's what Aipom has to say! - Punkrock Aipom
Philip: Hmm.. Aipom Cookies. Yum.
Hey Phil, since you gots da hook up (and I, having left the game store job, gots it no more) with the info, maybe you can answer this...  Is Phantasy Star 4 slated for a GBA release?  Or maybe I should ask this closer to my birthday party E3? - CX (Nevermind that I still haven't started PS2 or 3...  or even finished PS1 yet...)
Philip: PS4 for GBA.. it's kind of a no brainer, especially when the THQ reps talked about it LAST E3.
I live in an X Box. Or X-Box. Or X-box. Or X box. Or XBox. Or Xbox. Stupid thing. GameBoy Game Boy Gameboy Game boy. PlayStation 2 Playstation 2 Play Station2 PS2 oasid-93uat. Hey what's the deal with different versions of GBA screens? Someone said Panasonic makes the new versions of them. !? - George the Gerbil
Philip: Not that I've heard of. I think that maybe you've got the GBA screens confused with the Game Cube screen.. since no one really knows who is doing that one.
whats with the little line at the bottom that says "Please consult with an adult before using web site if under 13."? I mean, wouldn't have already been to the page and read most of the front page before seeing that? Just seems kinda pointless 0.o - Nitro
Philip: It's called "Saving My Ass ". It doesn't need to make sense as long as it's there. hehehe
Know what isn't fair? In Animal Crossing, you can get and play NES games, but not Gameboy games! Those damn animals have Gameboys, but do not share!!
Oh, and Nine is doing better. I visited him in the hospitall today. - The Wandering Numeral 1
Philip: Damn Game Boy Hoarding Animals! They're FUN NAZIS! Good thing Nine is getting better. Nine owes me money.
We need to be invaded.  - Iraq
Philip: Damn skippy, you do! YAY! You get an Aipom Cookie.
Philip: Cukeman wants to be your friend!!! Just come back and touch him!
am i dreaming all this? - clarynet
Philip: Just don't dream it's over.
If at first you don't succeed, go find Kirby. If you STILL don't succeed, well then...look for pikachu. - Shizzle-Kins
Philip: Well, that works.

Shantae isn't punk.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
But she is still pretty damn fine!
If you have not.. go ahead and check this out.