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Viral Speak 02-07-2003
Salt and Vinegar, baby. Salt and VINEGAR! Oh, and a whisper of MSG.

Philip is listening to: That same OST he was listening to in the last one. "VOICES" is excellent. The National Anthem of MACROSS is majestic. The MYUNG Theme is haunting.. yes. I like it.

I went to that thesurrealist site and entered my name.
Gives you "Obey your Sarah."
Everyone ought to do that. Mwhaha... ^_^ - Boots
Philip obeys.
According to the site, I should "Feel The Raw Naked Shantae Of The Road".
Ok then.
And 7 8 9!? Seven always was a jerk. - The Wandering Numeral 1
Philip: I got some good ones. "Do You Eat The Shantae Last?" and "Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Shantae from the Oven" Yum.
~is still mourning the loss of the Raiders~ - Enico
Philip: Here, drink yourself sober. *hands you a beer*
Just Do Clap - The american AD council
Philip: I am not your slave.
What exactly DOES the ICE in DMGICE stand for? Dot Matrix Gaming... Ice? 
<ice, ice, baby>
Just curious. Plus staring at that Ice Cube is stimulating. :P - Boots
Philip: Is Complete Ecstasy.
Look, i got nine other buddies, a mob of angry fans, and a record company backin me up that MxPx is punk rock. i dont noe what youre definition of punk rock? probably some stupid anime band. UUgh! RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU REPRESENTIN' THE MAGNIFIED PLAID! Yea!
P.S. REM-abbreviation for the scientific term, Rapid Eye Movement, a common function occuring before you go to sleep. Choke on that, you shrively little nerd! - MxPx Kid
Philip: Punk Rock is kind of an oxymoron. Especially for a CCM ALT band that is just shy of EMO. I define Punk by The Clash, The Pogues, and The Ramones. But the face and defination of Punk music is changing. Gone are the angry voices with Irish or British accents of the past. These days, Punk is composed mostly of whiny boy band rejects. I would say that the glory of the past is being destroyed by smooth licks and pulled punches by fabricated groups.
What is so unpunk about R.E.M.? They were part of the early American post-punk movement that gave birth to indie rock, college rock, and "modern" or "alternative rock." R.E.M., in their own way, are far more punk than MXPX could ever hope to be. Learn a little history, MXPX Kid. 
P.S. GBA SP owns me! - ersgameboy
Philip: GBA SP.. mmmm..I can't wait to wrap my hands around it's body.. umm..
Did you say that the developers of The Two Towers GBA are blind? How could you say such a thing? I heard nothing but good things about that game.  - BrianC
Philip: Played Daredevil? Although, if any blind people see this and complain, I'd like to issue a quick apology. Or not.
Hey, I think we scared Will from Dunn Boyz ( ) in that last Snowflake chat. - HBomb
Philip: You shouldn't have been touching his butt...
[CX is unable to Viral Speak for the time being.  His brain has melted down due to watching the ending to Evangelion for the first time.] - CX (It's too bad they ran out of money or they could have made the ending, y'know, coherent.)
Philip: Check out the movies. Oh, it made perfect sense to me though. It was just a psychological breakdown of Shinji's will to make him integrate better into the Implementation. Well, umm..that should do for now.

Shantae would be a cool PSO character.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
I want to see her Section ID...
If you have not.. go ahead and check this out.