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Viral Speak 02-05-2003
Sometimes the only good thing about the radio these days may be that you can hurt people with it when you throw it..

Philip is listening to: " Macross Pluss OST I" by Yoko Kanno. Kanno is brilliant. From Excaflowne to Macross Plus to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Yoko is haunting and complex. Amazing textured. Oh, for those wondering, Kanno also did COWBOY BEBOP.

Michael Jackson... how about that guy? - Doesi
Philip: Guy?
I am a GOD among mortals! but a mortal among GODS... mmmm... SP good... - Kaden Kyarel
Philip: But are you a Foy among Squishy?
HEY! MxPx is so punk, and if you think otherwise, you can ching chong, suck my ding-dong! and you aint got a right judging, sitting there listening to REM, what the hell is that? there named after a sleep function. thats so stupid! Take that! - MxPx Kid
Philip: Yes. A needed sleep function. MxPx is made up of the kids the priests DIDN'T want. he he. Actually, I've known about MxPx for years on the CCM scene. Then they went.. "pop" or something. I kind of like the W's and Ghotti Hook more though.
I think your site is chunkey.  It also has a hefty serving of clams, and perhaps some POTATOES.  And aren't the potatoes what matter the most?  I mean, they look like...uh...damn...I don't know where I am going with this.  BARNACLES!!!! - Cyberxion
Philip: Well, that makes the nipples quiver. How.. random.
Don't dis my girl Avril. She has more talent than Britney and Christina combined. - HBomb
Evil Philip: Which means she can take it BOTH ways.
Watch the pretty coin of gold. You will do as you are told. This trick's a fake and that's a fact, but this will work becuase I'm a quack.  - Evil Clown
Philip: Evil Clowns have nothing over me. This is BATTERY ACID!
Can we plunder France now that they surrendered? - Germany
Philip: Sure.
where do i post MST's? - Darkman
Philip: You can post them on the forum; but if you want them put up in the Library.. please send a copy to .
youre so lazy. this site is the same all the time. - hoochimama
Philip: Yup. I'm lazy. At least you don't have to PAY to see this site.
This Website Has Gotten Worse, change it please Ughh :O I hate All kid stuyff. - PokeHater
Philip: Naw. *yawns* Short Viral Speak today.

I wonder how Shantae would look with angel wings. Yum.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
That outfit would look even better crumpled up on my bedroom floor.
I suggest you click this .