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Viral Speak 02/04/2005
Welcome to the first of WEEKLY Viral Speak! As you can see, the format has changed only slightly. By only slightly, I mean.. NOT AT ALL.
Philip is listening to:  Philip has charged up his ViriiPOD and is currently listening to the following 15 song play list. I'm only answering about 13 Viral Speaks or so in this one to make sure I always have fantastical material for everyone. So, I'm working off of an ON THE GO Playlist in the ViriiPOD.

1. Nobody Does it Better - Carly Simon
2. Waltz #2 (XO) - Elliott Smith
3. Fight the Power (1 & 2) - The Isley Brothers
4. Morning Afterglow - Electrasy
5. I won't back down - Johnny Cash
6. She means everything to me - Louis Philippe
7. 490 - Mark Giacobbe
8. Until the day I die (acoustic) - Story of the Year
9. Science Fiction + Double Feature - From The Rocky Horror Picture Show
10. Hikari (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version) - From Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
11. Simple & Clean (PLANITb Remix) - Same game, except it's also in the GBA game. ^_^
12. The trick is to keep breathing - Garbage
13. Dimension of Love (English Version) - Tenchi Muyo
14. Everything you've ever dreamed - Arianne (From Refrain of Evangelion)
15. Komm, Susser tod - Arianne (Ditto. From the creepiest parts of the movie...)

On to the speak!

so....long.....without.....viral speak... - fpbrush
Philip: Rejoice my brothers and sisters! We shall have our Viral Speak. WEEKLY! Huzzah!

Aww, I remember when little pokemongirl14 first showed up in the forums... I remember at that time, I suppose I was 17, and three years seemed like a big gap. Nowadays my supervisor at work is a year younger than her. More than that, she's using her own brand new website column to tell me to watch Garden State. My, how times change.
First up, you don't have to be a girl to love Gilmore Girls. I already own the first two seasons on DVD (the third comes out in May!) and watching them with my lady-friends is something of a biweekly ritual. 
It's also weird as heck to me that Bubble Bobble has such a special place in her heart, as it has a similar position in my own. It was one of the very few NES games I owned (my parents weren't so supportive of my habit) and other than maybe Super Mario 3, probably my most-played.
I do also have a question or two for the lady - is the GBA Bubble Bobble very faithful? Because personally I'm tempted to wait and see if they do a NES Classics version. Much as with SMB3, I'd really prefer that kind of port (retaining the exact original gameplay and art style) to a remake. However on a recommendation from a fellow hardcore fan I might be convinced to reconsider.
PS - Did you beat the original? I remember my friends and I (or it might've been my sister) only did it like twice or something. Sadly I sold my NES to finance the old N64 back in '96, so the option to revisit those bygone days yet awaits me... TK421
Philip: Bubble Bobble was the first arcade game I was addicted to. Bubble Bobble OLD & NEW is pretty faithful and I like it. Her and I both own copies. Neat huh? Yes, she's all sorts of hotness. O_O I expect great things from her randomesque articles.
Pollitically incorrect humor is so cutting edge that the 90's are still bleeding - but the news was solid, which is rare enough to deserve applause. 
Keep up the work. - Sigh
Philip: You sound like you dislike the site. That is a mistake!
I got PokeMon Fire Red, too (and then I realized that I need a GBA to even trade PokeMon: Oh Shit!).  Next semester, I'll need to get an SP so I can trade (and get my sister Leaf Green).
Anyhoo, the stylus is kick ass!  I like the concept of using it on the touch screen to look around in the Metroid Prime Hunters demo.
I'm just looking forward to the day that a DS version of Palm OS or something similar is released.  That's right!  Why not turn the DS into a PDA as well, complete with web browsing?  The hardware is already there! - Yay!  Got my DS!
Philip: Well, there is an organizer coming out for it and the Option Paks will be niftifical!
Underpants, thank you please. - Chii
Philip: You're welcome.
Sock Monkey sits there silently thinking Sock Monkey thoughts.
Shazbot! I'm guessing you were pumped to hear about the new Survival Kids. I can only dream that one day I'll find a copy of the original... - TK421
Philip: Well, I have a few leads on the game and if those pay off, I'll be doing prizes for those who sign up as donaters. One of those packages will be a rare game or two. So, I'm keeping an eye out for copies of Great Greed, Xtreme Sports, Shantae, Lil' Monsters, and Survival Kids. So, if it all pays off for the contests.. well.. there's going to be happy people. I suggest that you try EBay though for now. DMG Ice rare game contests are a few monthes off. Yes, we're getting more serious. I mean, someone has to update now that EAGB and Nintendojo are both not updating at all. Oh, do check out Portagame. I work there and sometimes report on things other than GBA/DS. I also argue on it. Oh, Lost in Blue.. I downloaded the trailer to my computer, converted it to GBM format and have been watching it on the GBA Movie Player in my Nintendo DS over and over again. It's all LOVE AND POP ROCKS!
Living in the UK I'm one of the few to own both a NintendoDS and a PSP and, I must say... The DS is the superior console in every sense.  - Kev J.
Philip: Nice site, by the way! Oh, wait until you play Lost in Blue or the new Wario Ware. O_O Lost in Blue.. I see it in my dreams... sometimes.. when my girlfriend isn't taking up all my dreaming time. I think I can combine the two.. her and I.. desert island.. but that kills the motivation for trying to get off the island...
I've heard that Wayforward (the Shantae guys) have been working with Namco on a new GBA RPG. Details? - ME
Philip: Well, it's a shooter and it's called Sigma Star Saga. Wanna hedge bets on an appearance from Risky Boots in the game? It'll be out later this year. I'm thinking that August will be a busy month for me. I'll have my birthday AND Lost In Blue to deal with when Wayforward delivers another awesome game to the fold.. I can't wait to see them at E3. I will give them a DMG Ice armband.. I mean... business card.. not that things devoted to this site that can be worn are in any way available. We also don't have mugs. hehe
Yet more rambling from a Nintendo fanboy.  I remember when you were all about the games, Phil.  Now you're just as sellout. - hello
Philip: From day ONE, I've been a Nintendo Fan. I love games, especially good ones that appeal to the genres I enjoy. The PSP doesn't have anywhere near as many appealing games to me as the DS does. End of story. Am I all about the games? Sure, I support people that focus mostly on games. Is convergence neat? Eh. I guess it's kinda neat. But I spend my time playing games on a portable game system, not faxing notes or making cell phone calls.
I've been looking for the Pallet Gym Fanfics for a while. I know there here...I heard something about The Fray but I honestly have no clue where that is...could someone please be nice and help me? thanks - Kia
Philip: I'm working on restoring the old fan fics and they will end up in our LIBRARY once they are up. The problem though is that I don't have ALL of them. I wasn't sent all of them, so I've had to dig deep for pieces of them and do some contacting. But they will eventually be in the Library. Maybe I'll pencil them in as a bonus on one of the daily updates.
We are sorry for what we did. It was an incredible mistake on our part. We were tipsy and when we started to dance we could not stop. - The Great King of All Cosmos
Philip: That's quite alright. It was neat to watch.
W00t, the titles work! I'm hoping other websites figure this out as well, because I've been perturbed by the absence of ALT tags since I switched to Firefox. But since it's one of the only noticeable drawbacks, I'm happy enough.
Rock out with your GBA out, - Cheeba_puff
Philip: I knew people would dig it. ^_^
I saw a kid with a DS at work today. He drank root beer.. yes, it WAS facinating.
I used the entirety of my strength to prevent myself from yanking that thing away from him and running out the restaurant.
And I only just played the DS for the very first time ever in Best Buy sometime shortly after or before Christmas. Metroid. I wanted to play with the touch screen but metriod didn't let me. But it was damn beautiful. Need to figure out how to move around a little better.... and get myself one of those eventually. - Boots
Philip: Don't just yank it out of his hands, honey. Hit him with something first so he doesn't give chase. Later people, see you next week!

Aftercourse: Shantae is wearing skimpy clothes! That means six more weeks of sexy!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Shantae enjoys touching!
Shantae is touchable. Okay, that pun sucked.