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Viral Speak 02-04-2003
Pants are comfy.

Philip is listening to: This stuff on my playlist. I felt "Punk" today.
1. "A Moment of Silence for the astronauts who died in the Columbia accident. Their contributions to the space program will not be forgotten.
" - Well, a small bit of silence and a prayer for those who knew them is best. I didn't know them personally; but if I did I would most likely be very sad.
2. "Everybody Hurts" - By REM. It seemed appropriate.
3.  "99 Red Balloons" - Punk cover.. I think it's by Goldfinger. I like this song a lot. "The War Machine springs to life." I love it when the singer breaks into the German. I've always enjoyed the sarcastic nuclear leanings in the song. It's a song of the times. Here is my Red Balloon. You can name it Foy after the greatest red bug the world has ever known.
4. "I want it that way" - Cover by New Found Glory. It sounds really good. I like it.
5.  "Could've been" - By Tiffany. Yes, that Tiffany. Tiffany rocked, so shove your criticisms. She was hot too. Still is. I get the feeling this song is less about unrequited love and more about her career.
6. "I'd do anything" - A Simple Plan's little opus. I dig it.
7. "All or Nothing" - A punk cover of the O Town song. It's from "Fake ID".. I think. Still cool. It's OVER. Over. Baggage sucks.
8.  "I don't want to miss a thing" & "Somewhere over the Rainbow" - MORE punk covers by New Found Glory. Yup. I like them. Although.. I really dig Aerosmith singing that song too. I like Aerosmith.

I recently found a copy of Car Battler Joe at EB for 15 bucks... which is cheap to begin with, but its still a fairly new game... and its crazy fun, in that it is essentially a pokemon type rpg, with twisted metal style car combat as your battle. (hey, its from natsume, they always seem to turn wierd concepts into really great RPG hybrids)  why aren't there more people talking about this awesomely fun little game? - Allison Axe
Philip: Good question! I'll have to buy it and play it. It sounds good and I remember seeing it at E3. However.. where is Car Battler Mac?
Sock Monkey must keep thinking Sock Monley Thoughts and Squishy must keep thinking Squishy Thoughts, if they don't the universe will implode! But what if they switch? Anyway, MUST HAVE POKEMON RUBY, my prrrrrreeeeeeccccciiiooous. Er...nevermind, my m00 Cow is calling from Loopy World in the Minus Zone, uh oh. - Wandering Numeral 1
Philip: Careful number 1. I heard 7 8 9.... *Philip sits there thinking Philip Thoughts*
listen to MxPx! THEY ROCK! YEAH! all who agree, HELP ME OUT! i wish i was a chick magnet. but alot of girls like me, so maybe i am. Du, dum, dum, dum, dum, ba, dum, dum, dum, dum... - MxPx Kid
Philip: Magnified Plaid isn't punk.. umm... Avril is Punk. *laughs derisively* Well, that is if Punk is an euphormism for "sucks." hehe Well, I'll download it and check it out.
ho hum. nice site ya got here. i guess i dont go here that of ten often, so i dont realy get the main thing about the site, but its still pretty cool. one thing you need is to bring back your MST's. there in the older crap section! was i pissed when i saw that! those are good. so bring em back, and open writing em to the public. ive got a couple id like to post... thanx,
Durr! im guitarded!
Philip: Well, MSTS can be sent to the site at anytime and they will be posted now in the Library. I've got the Dawn Spawn working on NEW MSTS as we speak. Look forward to them. Oh, and have a great Valentine's Day MSTaccre. hehehe
Disturbing Dream:
First everythings Dark and Gritty looking. The story is that there's this wine, and it's great tasting. Everybody thinks the guy who makes the wine is kind because he adopts children from this one orphanage, a new one every week or so, It turns out that he's grinding up the children and putting them into the wine. Oh and the wine shop is ran by his "wife". An asian amputee with no defining features below the waste that is cahined by her arm stumps in a container filled with an extemely shallow
pool of blood. (the container barely goes past the blood.)  - Shady
Philip: That actually made he hungry for some bizzare reason. More wine?
Where' my Viral Speak?!  I need it to live! - clarynet
Philip: NO! Into the WINE with you!
Meow meow kitty meow meow! - Minky Bluetons
Philip: I like you, pussy. Here, let me stroke you softly with my fingers. Soft.
Methinks you need someone else to help ya with Suki Nihon.
Philip: DUKE! No inciting revolution! Bad Duke!
1 \/\/!11 8 j00$! - Evil Squishy
Philip: Hey.. Lieberman would make good wine.
We surrender. - The French
Philip: Well, as your new ruler, I demand your women SHAVE.
For countless ages, Night has longed for the Moon.  How're you doing living that so-called life of yours, Philip? - Nameless One
Philip: Just Keen Gears and stuff.
Your opinions on the new Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex? - Aipom
Philip: A little disjointed; but to be honest.. it's good. But I would suggest AZUMANGA DIAOH, WITCH HUNTER ROBIN, and HAIBANE RENMAI before I would suggest GitS:SAC. Also, it has the word SAC in it. Excessive exposure to the word SAC can cause cancer.
Is it rude to sign talk if you have your mouth full? - kukopanki
Philip: It depends what you have in your mouth.
Yeah, Eve 6 is cool, but Barenaked Ladies are better. - HBomb
Evil Philip: Ah, I see you can't go a Viral Speak without trying to mention your mother....
Hey, something occurred to me.  Blizzard has two big GBA games coming up-- Lost Vikings and Rock'N'Roll Racing.  What if, as an added feature, they tried combining the two?  A hidden track in RnRR could be...  dare I say it?...  "Bjorn To Be Wild"!  ...I'll stop now. - CX (OK, I'm not allowed to Viral Speak before work anymore)
Philip: That was deserveing of the first ever.. LAME CUKEMAN AWARD. Just kidding; but here you go.
Do not hate. MATE!

I don't want to miss one smile. I don't want to miss one kiss.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
I never miss her things. I have good aim.
I don't want to close my eyes....