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Viral Speak 01-31-2003
Because HBomb the Explosive Fairy Boy demanded it. I will use the word "Bootylicious" in at least one or more response. You have been warned.

Philip is listening to: The CD "Horrorscope" bu Eve 6. I still dig their music.

I'm back! Remember me? I finally got my GBA so I'm redy to rejoin the pocket crowd...Golden Sun and Advance Wars own you all! And I'm so happy Mythri is ACTUALLY being released! It's only been in development for 13 years...and remember, never store combustibles with your old people. - Armacham
Philip: And now everyone will buy GBA SPs. He he he. Oh, yeah. Mythri coming out FINALLY is the best damn news I've heard in like... since Shantae found a publisher and I bought it. So, make sure you buy Mythri. It will own you.
what would you call a cross between a spoon, a fork, and a knife? - Nitro
Evil Philip: Probably what ever that thing is I stuck in your neck.
I am a happy happy monkey.  Give me a banana.  Or maybe some nice nice grilled Pikachu.  yum. - clarynet
Philip: Mmm.. Pikachu. It's.. umm.. Electric-Bootylicious.
masterball go! - celibi
Philip: Hey, not on the carpet.
Can I do another Viral Speak sometime soon? - HBomb
Evil Philip: No Mr. Explosive Man Nipples-Man. Bwa ha ha!
Remeber kids better living therough f*cking the system. - Steal Me
Philip: Although the system.. I've had better.
to cluttered with no flow - Fernando Depimp
Philip: Well, that's why you need to finish your prunes
I knew truth was evil, just like D.A.R.E.  - Shady
Philip: Yes, and that is why drugs are bad. They cause stupid commercials.
I didn't get any video games for Christmas-- the disadvantage of working at a game store being that you usually wind up buying everything you want for yourself so you can't be surprised.  I did get my sister a copy of Namco Museum, though.
Instead of computerized entertainment, we bought board games at my house.  There's no more appropriate way to celebrate the birth of the Lord than by getting scammed by my sister for $450 for rent on the slum  properties...
Aaanyway, you're still delivering Christmas presents...  on the Orthodox Chhristmas!  Yeah!  So let's all grab our fur hats and do the Tetris Dance!  Da, comrade! - CX (Glad to know the bad weather didn't claim another soul.  Be glad you don't live up here near Buffalo...)
Philip: Ah. Old; but good. Oh, nothing says Christmas like Russian Roulette. Think about it with intense, pants-clenching intensity.
I overheard a couple of teens in the store the other day who were talking about anime...  one of them said that he wanted more anime in the store, which I agreed with.  His friend said that "anime sucks because it's all Japanese and stuff...  I mean, you can't understand it, it's not American."  At that point I asked him if he knew the lyrics to the Macarena, and he was able to rattle those off flawlessly, followed by "I hate you."  My response?  "Actually, I don't think that last part was in there.  Wanna buy some anime?" - CX (I wanna Speak all night, and Viral every day.)
Philip: Double-Poster. Mmm.. the Japanese are a fun bit. Taste like spinach.
Okay. I've had another one of those dreams. I'm walking down the path of marbles again, except this time, there isn't anybody with me. I keep walking for several days (at least it seems like that, because the sun keeps setting and rising), until I see the door from last time slide out from underneath the ground. I'm a little wary of going inside, so intead I turn around and run as fast as I can in the opposite direction. The problem is, time starts to slow or something, because I'm actually running backwards, towards the door. I try to scream, but the only thing that comes out of my mouth is the sound you get when you have dial-up internet service. The door then swings open and I'm sucked inside.
I'm in the room again from last time, except this time all of the blinking panels are red, and they are pulsating slowly. I start to cry, and when I go to brush the tears away, microchips fall to the ground. Then, on the wall right in front of me, a hole opens up and a face peeks out. It's the man in the top hat from the first dream, but he looks different. In fact, I'm not even sure how I know it was the man in the top hat, but I had a feeling it was the same guy. His eyes are gone now, and in their place there is nothing but blackness. His hair is a mess of wire and cable. In a low and booming voice he then calls out to me "OPEN SERVE PLACE line". His head then completely turns upside down and then he is swallowed up by the wall. After a loud hum, three glass tubes drop from the ceiling. In the first tube, is a tiny mouse with a vertical red stripe down his back. In the second, there is a perfectly smooth stone. In the third tube, there is a ball of light. I gather the three tubes and put them into my pocket. Then, I wake up. - Abe
Evil Philip: Has the alcohal been having raging bootylicious sex with your cerebellum lately? Seriously though, that dream means you experienced a little glitch in The Matrix. Don't worry.. we will fix it.
Can we fix it? - Bob the Builder
Philip: Yes we can!
Hey Pikachu isn't always naked, I mean in SSBM he can wear a hat. - Shady
Philip: But other than the hat.. FLUFFY YELLOW ELECTRIC NAKEDNESS.

Like Jessica Rabbit, she collects bad habits. Gets her drinks for free. Animated Vixen. Stole Cupid's Arrow and came to rescue me!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
Here she cums to rescue me.
She's just drawn that way.