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Viral Speak 01-30-2003
Think I can pull this off daily? Probably not. But hey, what ever!. Today was one of those weird days where I get back from work around 1PM and end up falling asleep for hours on end. O_O Considering I get to work at 5am every weekday morning except for Monday. I come in at 4am on Mondays. Oh, well.
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Philip is listening to: This stuff on my Winamp Playlist.
1. "Shell" - From the Witch Hunter Robin soundtrack. It's the opening title. It's also the best opening sequence I have seen in a long time.
2. "Half Pain" - The ending theme for Witch Hunter Robin. Which is one of the weaker ending sequences I have seen a while. Go figure. O_o
3.  "Sayonara" - The ending theme to Saikano AKA
Saishuu Heiki Kanojo. One of the best ending sequences I've seen in a while. Mainly for the pure art of it and the perfect way in which the ending music fits. Not since Now and Then, Here and There (Ima, Soko ni iru boku) has an ending theme so perfectly made me feel so... empty. But this is empty in a drained way. Like you've just had your heart carved out of your body. I mean.. wow. Gonzo Digimation (Vandread, Blue Submarine No. 6, Hellsing, Final Fantasy Unlimited -from which FF: Crystal Chronicles and FFT Advance borrow elements- and Gravion) doesn't get any respect. This series was absolutely devasting. I mean.. wow.
4. "This Isn't What We Meant" -  By Savatage. 1980's operatic ROCK AND ROLL. YAY! What the Hell ever happened to EPIC ROCK? I mean, seriously. Bohemian Rhapsody, anything from ManOWar, Led Zepplin, etc. Early Metallica was like this. Long, intricate, wailing guitars, STAGE ROCK.
5. "Don't Dream It's Over" - by Crowded House. Another 1980's song I love. The 80's were amazing music wise. Well, if you knew where to look. Actually, this is an appropriate song for today.
6. "Master of the Wind" - By ManOwar. Sweetness.
7. "X" - By X Japan. X Japan still rocks ass. Oh, anyone notice how this song breaks down into a bit of a riff from the American National anthem?

I think America only wants my oil. - Alaska
Philip: Well, that's not true! You also have lumber and tasty Harp Seals.
Oniichan! Genki desu ka? *^_^* Suki Nihon needs anime news. - Mahoro
Philip: Okay. Here's some anime news. Azumanga Diaoh is cool and umm.. OH SHIT .
Hey I like the Chiefs. - Shady
Philip: I'm sure your mother is very proud of you.
So I have a new job now, as a tech support guy for a major cable company (yes, THAT major cable company)...  I'm still in training now.  Today we listened in on real calls, as the existing tech support people tried to help them.  I say "tried" because the callers seemed to resist every attempt we made to help them.  (example:  "What version of Windows do you have?"  "Microsoft XP 98.")  All I can say is that I will really enjoy the use of the mute button. - CX (I can't think of these people as being stupid anymore...  I just envision them with tentacles for heads and it makes me feel better.)
Philip: Just don't think about the fact that those people are probably breeding.
Hey, I think Gannon just got intercepted again. - HBomb
Evil Philip: Hmm.. *checks* Nope. That was just your mother. he he he
How much pepsi is too much pepsi to drink in one day?
*twitch* - Nitro
Philip: Too much? What do you MEAN?!
New Year... WE NEED MORE FOY!! - Imakuni? Neo
Philip: Okay. *passes you the plate*
I have returned.Well,for a minute.My evil brother has LOST my GBA,so I was looking up the GBA SP and figured I would say hi.Ummm...Hi! - titan25
Philip: SP = Sexually Preferable. It's the GBA that goes all night long. Oh, for the ladies, put in your preorders for a Philip Wesley SP. ^_~
I used to love DBZ, but after watching so much other anime, including the original Dragon Ball, I like almost ANY other anime better than DBZ, though I still think DBZ is ok. Spirited Away is my favorite anime movie. In fact, it's one of my favorite movies peroid. 
BTW, I don't like having only two choices for the new design. I don't hate it, but I do think there is room for improvment. I miss not having to scroll down to see all of the links and most of the info on the page, but I do love the new buttons.  - BrianC
Philip: Wow. This one is an old one; but hey.. old to me, new to YOU. BWA HA HA!
Kirby's Adventure on NES was SPECTACULAR. I bought "Nightmare in Dreamland" and Link to the Past today. I never had my own SNES, though I did end up seeing most of the game on other peoples'... still, it'll be MY first time. ^_^
I'm a little disappointed in the controls for Kirby, though; they seem sluggish to me, which would take away greatly from the game. Oh well, maybe it's just that it's a way smaller controller (and my hands are bigger)... -TK421
Philip holds up his copy of Kirby's Adventure for the old NES: Well, to be honest.. I thought Kirby's Dream Land 2 was better.
NEVER read "A Painted House" - Shady
Philip: Hmm.. I'm not really a Grisham fan; but oddly enough.. my ten year old sister has read Stealing Christmas and to be perfectly honest.. A Painted House sounds like something she would like more than I would. O_o Well, as much as a story about a seven year old witnessing a murder and recounting his summer days in Harvard worthy rhetoric can be enjoyed.
Viral speak twice a week would be awesome, addiciting, excellent, etc. - clarynet
Philip: No.
I am the man. - Paul
Philip: Well, unless your last name is Harvey, I will have to disagree. Nothing can defeat his amazing powers of awake opression.
have you ever wondered about hamsters i mean they could kill us they have teeth and we have bouncy skin neVER BUY A HAMSTER - Lancross
Philip: Hamsters are Chu Chu Mice in disguise.

We dared to ask for more. But that was long before. The Nights began to burn. You would have thought we'd learn. You can't make promises all based upon tommorrow. Happiness, Security are words we only borrow.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
Why I like Bush.
I like the State of her Union.