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Viral Speak 01-29-2003
That was a long and strange trip. I'm afraid of it now. There were so many entries.. I randomly chose a few of them. More tommorrow!

Philip is listening to: The sound of artic winds bellowing across the frozen tundras and wastelands of Hell.

Mwahahaha...  I'm posting because I can, and as alwasy, the rumors of my death are highly exagerated.  BTW  I like the newish desgin ;)
Infinitely Yakking,
Philip: I'm posting this to show that I ain't dead either. However dear friend.. you are. *summons Squishy*
Excel Saga...  Hm.  Shinichi Watanabe has gone insane and is intent on taking me with him.  I probably should hold off on reviewing it again until I've seen the whole thing.  But it just takes too damn long to wait for all the DVDs to come out...  Case in point:  I managed to track down a copy of the Love Hina Christmas special, and opened it up, saying "Oh, good.  This is the last disc.  It provides closure.  Hey, look, there's a calendar in here, with Keitaro's birthday, and Naru's, and the release date for one more disc.  ...  OH SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP, YOU MEAN IT STILL ISN'T OVER?!"  Not that I'm complaining, or anything, but how many times can Akamatsu-san end the bleeding thing before he finally gives us the REAL ending?  It's like Clue, only animated, and with more boobs.  - CX (Yes, I firmly realize I am going to hell for that sentence.)
Philip:  Oh, did I mention the Love Hina Again OVAs?
The now.  Big time.  I used to check this thing every day for updates.  Now I can go a whole 2 or 3 weeks without checking in, and still not see an update when I do.  And if I DO happen to see an update, it's all bullcrap about how you mix soda and beer.  Or other nonsence that really has nothing to do with anything in particular.  You say you are behind with the news, but how could you be?  Aside from a few key announcments there really hasn't been enough news to
 be buried under like you'd have us believe.  Anyway, I hope you get this ship running again, cause it's kinda just sittin' at port right now collecting barnacles... - Yeah...Hmmn...
Philip: I unfortunately have a day job. However, I'll risk sleep deprivation to bring you something with more barnacles. Rejoice and umm.. enjoy the barnacles.
Samus! Come out! We're all over the Station! We know you're here, and you know we're hunting you. You'll never escape! - SA-X
Philip: Don't come any closer. I have... umm. *grabs his optical mouse* THIS and I'm not afraid to double-click you, bitches!
Just passing through for a bit of handheld nostalgia. Dig the site man. - geezer
Philip: Oh, that was that breeze?
Oh no.
I'm pregnant. - Al Gore
Philip: See what happens when you hug trees too close! Somewhere, a Sycamore is smoking a Lucky Strike with a bemused expression on its wooden face.
I've been staring at that little green cucumber thing with those big eyes and those weird looking "feet", and well... it just gets more and more dirty as I look at it. I guess the words "Gooble me down" that appear when you hover over him don't exactly help. Either I'm dirty, or Phil, you've got some sort of conspiracy against us. *glares evilly* Hmm... - boots
Philip: I know of no conspiracy. It was obviously an old weatherballoon reflect off of the swamp gas around Meryl Streep instead. And as of yet, the UN Inspectors have only found empty pants. No sign of Cukeman Endowed Weapons on this site.
Do you ever notice... when people go on a site like GameFAQs (or even your site) and give a really great game a 2 out of 10, their reviews are always very short and have poor grammer. - MattIsFun
Philip: But tat cazeHALO roccs bitch-asses! Snizzle my nizzzle!!*
(*Translation-On-The-Spot: I think that it is because XBox Halo has rotted away my sense of spatial judgement with it's dull textures and half-assed single player mode. But has proven reasonably entertaining in multiple player modes.
Do you know the Octopus secret? - Bluto
Philip: Yes and I am keeping it safe in my special pants. Like a new Viral Speak tommorrow.
I'm redoing the archive page for these things. See you tommorrow.

Intimately speaking, I really like being back! Enjoy the wonderful sausage of youth! It's the right thing to do.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly.)
Ain't it cool?