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DMG Ice Updates Look, More revisions Coming - 07/31/2015

Welcome to a new look for DMG Ice! We are a "content hub" website and are working on streamlining this feature of DMG Ice. The larger buttons have been replaced with smaller "tabs" because this is much more common and I think they look nice. In the future, the section below here will have visual buttons instead of text links for featured content and this "headline" might be removed. The "Newest Content" feature will link to new content from our hub sites like Area DMG and Radio DMG. We will also be opening up a Patreon to help pay for site expenses and a tab for that has been added to the top. Yes, it is slightly larger than the other tabs. No, I do not think this will be a problem. So, what will the Patreon do? The idea of the Patreon is really about the rent increase and the general expenses that the site incurs on a regular basis. We also want to start doing Daily Video Logs and more on a regular basis. What you do not see up there yet is Instagram and SnapChat. I am still figuring out how those work but SnapChat might find it's way into our event coverage. I started going online with QNet on the Commodore 64, so this is all sorts of learning experiences with all of the new fangled social media sites. There is also VOAT and 'Ello on there. Now, I know that Reddit, Voat, and Ello are kind of a lower tier for our content, I would hope that people post feedback or comment on our content on those websites, specifically Reddit and Voat. Ello is being used as a more behind the scenes approach. There are a lot of ideas for the content right now and we hope that you will stick around during these unique changes and look forward to the content that you are about to receive. We are still working out all the bugs on this, but I think it will look nice when it is eventually done. Our Patreon will officially launch in August! Why? Because it helps. Seriously. There will also be some new series of videos and a new Radio DMG show style! This update will also disappear into the ether in the future and the contents of it will be saved for future generations to ignore! Well I am here, I might as well talk a bit about the Newsity!

There is ANOTHER new convention coming to Denver, Colorado in 2016! We are getting: Sukoshi Con, Colorado Anime Fest, Denver Comic Con, Nan Desu Kan, Rocky Mountain Con, Starfest, Mile Hi Con, Myths and Legends Con, and now "DINK" joins the mix! Are we excited? Yes. We are totally excited! Philip Andrew Wesley

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