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The Philip Rational
"Rainy Day N D K"
By Philip Wesley (2013)
Published: September 13th, 2013.
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The Traditional Opening Prayer.

Dear God,

I thought You said You were not going to cover the Earth in water again! Well, all kidding aside, please help the people driving down to the Denver Tech Center to be safe and make it there safely! Help this Nan Desu Kan to go smoothly, keep everyone reasonably healthy, and keep everyone reasonably safe! Let the cosplay be awesome, the concerts be loud, the panels amazing, and the general atmosphere of the convention friendly, happy, and excellent. Thank you for all of the blessings, tribulations, and unexpected surprises (both good and bad) that we have encountered this year.

Thank you!
Philip Wesley
The Best Laid Plans.

This year, the theme of our coverage is going to include more video and there are a lot of interviews lined up for us! While we will not be recording those interviews with the cameras, we will be taking pictures at those interviews, recording the audio, and also recording "video drops" for the people we interview. We have prepared by bringing cough drops, taking EmergenC, and other things. Cameras are charged, extra chargers are available, and the Nintendo 3DS is in power save mode at the lowest brightness for StreetPass.

StreetPass is a bit ridiculous thanks to the additional games in the plaza. It is more important to decide how to attack those games in this setting in the most efficient manner. Here is what I did to maximize the Streetpass usage.

Puzzles - Only a few pieces are left to get, all Pink.
Find Mii 1 & 2 - I have beaten these ahead of time, so no StreetPasses will be filtered through them.
Mii Force - I beat it and unlocked Arcade Mode; but I will only run through it at the end of the day on Level 1-1, so I can add to the "Pods Intact" statistic. Skippable.
Flower Town - Made sure to clear out seeds. this will be a Seed Clearing event for money.
Warrior's Way - Just building armies and taking out a few armies.
Monster Manor - Well, this is the longest one, but just store items for clearing later. Group colors for the rooms. The longest one to clear.

The concert is the main event today. Concert and a lot of pictures/video. Yay! We have our lists ready and perfect.

See you at NDK!

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