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The Daily* Newsity 07/18/2013
"C'mon Eileen."

Well, this is interesting news.
Sad; but interesting. Oh! Sega confirmed that ALL of their 3D Classics line will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS "soon." Which is either Sega "soon" for when they announced the Game Gear titles that have flooded the Virtual Console recently, or "soon" in some other sort of way. We have faith in you M2. Shantae was released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console and you can check out a classic review of it here.

Oh! To help out Animation is Art,
here is an official Donate button for Animation is Art. All the funds that go to here go to benefit the store. If you can't come into the store and donate, please consider tossing a few bucks into that PayPal link.Philip Andrew Wesley

The Daily Newsity 07/15/2013
"Been a while."

First, an apology for the lack of updates to the index page.
Second, the website still updates regardless of the lack of announcement of those updates. So, make sure you're checking up on our various awesome stuff. The Flick'r page updates at least every Thursday, and there is a new episode of Radio DMG. As for the news? Etrian Odyssey Untold was dated for October 1st, which would put it in the same month as the new Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds release. Next month is Mario & Luigi and this week Shantae finally makes it's 3DS Virtual Console debut! I've also been all over Animal Crossing and Shin Megami Tensei IV hits this week as well! YAY! As far as the news goes, there was an excellent new update for the Nintendo Streetpass Plaza and it's awesome.Philip Andrew Wesley
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