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The Daily Newsity 06/10/2013
"The Real Watch Dogs Are Barking."

The later days of Denver Comic Con were less interesting.
To be honest, I was a little surprised and annoyed by the inaccessibility of some of the guests to the press. Especially when it comes to local press. Especially when all I want is a radio drop or a fifteen minute interview. Which was a bit unfortunate. There were lines on all three days and a sudden batch of sold out passes showed up for sale as souvenirs on the last day. Also, there's some odd bits on the numbers for the amount of people attending. Now, it's 61,000 for the weekend. Which would mean about 20,333 per day and there were turnstiles and counting machines at the doors. So everytime that you went into the main area, you were counted. But that is how conventions work when it comes to these press releases. Is it completely honest? No. Is it bad? NO. Denver Comic Con has a few things more to iron out; but I think it could be a pretty good convention going forward. Now, last week I was pretty swamped with other things I had to do. So, there were press releases about Animal Crossing and the eShop, eShop Screenshots, Denver Comic Con pictures, an Animation is Art Figure Spotlight, a Spotlight video, a video on loading times, and we will have a Radio DMG this Wednesday that covers the biggest Newsity this week: E3.

So, Microsoft/PRISM announced nothing I care about and Sony announced Vita ports of Dead Nation, The God of War HD Collection, and Flower. A release window for The Walking Dead on Vita was announced as August. I am pretty happy about the God of War collection. I mean, God of War 1, 2, Chains of Olympus, and Ghosts of Sparta will be portable on the PlayStation Vita. Tomorrow, Nintendo has a 60 minute Wii U direct followed by a 90 minute long Pokemon Direct later that day. They may also announce a direct specifically for the 3DS for Wednesday. We will see how E3 goes. I'm pretty happy about GAKAI backwards compatibility coming to the Vita in 2014 and that upcoming Killzone game looks nifty on the Vita. Am I pleased with Sony for mentioning the Vita first? Yes. Also, Mighty Switch Force 2 comes out this week and that looks to be some HOT BUSINESS. So, see you tomorrow!Philip Andrew Wesley
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